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NTG:IL - Gen 6 DLC paint schemes  August 2, 2013 – 04:38 pm

As NASCAR prepares to debut its new line of stock cars for the 2013 season, NASCAR The Game: Inside Line follows suit in announcing support of 2013 downloadable content (DLC) that gives players the opportunity to drive the Gen 6 cars with the new seasons paint schemes... NASCAR The Game: Inside Line is bringing the brand new Chevrolet SS, Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry Gen 6 models into the game for the first time.

The DLC will allow players to download a brand new officially licensed 2013 season paint scheme for each driver. Those who have purchased the Inside Line Highlights Pack will have access to all 43 of the new 2013 paint schemes, otherwise individual paint schemes can be purchased using the in-game Ticket currency.

The 2013 paint schemes will be available on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 only, and will allow players to race online and in selected single player modes (excluding career and season). The 2013 paint schemes will be available later in February to coincide with the Daytona 500. [UPDATE] The DLC has been slightly delayed but will be available soon. Look out for further announcements.

Want to see what the new in-game Gen 6 schemes look like? Here's a selection of drivers, the remaining schemes will be revealed in the coming weeks via the NTG:IL facebook page and you'll be able to view and download desktop images of them all on the downloads page.

Source: nascarthegame.com

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There are many great PC racers out there and coming.
There is ARCA Sim Racing if you are fan of old Nascar Racing PC series. It was an awesome series til EA bought all Nascar rights leaving only ARCA. Its the latest game from them with online play. asrseries.com ARCA Sim Racing Homepage. Its awesome game if you want Stock car racing online.
There will be Need for Speed World Online...que is Free 2 Play game as well. Not bad looking either.
There are many others as well. Test Drive Unlimited(Released in 2007. Price should be low), FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage(2008), TOCA Race Driver 3(2006), Nascar Sim Racing(2005).
I found a place with literally thousands of titles to check out as well.
<< Lots of racing titles. Even lists ones coming for 2010 as well.

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