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Fantasy NASCAR Racing - 2013 Value Rankings  September 28, 2013 – 06:32 am

Fantasy NASCAR Racing NASCAR Published on June 24th,2013 | by race4theprize

2013 Fantasy NASCAR Racing Value Rankings Explained

The Fantasy NASCAR Racing Value rankings are based on a simple statistical formula created by the experts at Fantasy Sports Dojo. When Fantasy NASCAR Racing players pick their teams,they look for value. This tool is a simple metric for calculating value. Take a driver’s average finishing points (43 minus average finish position) and divide it by the driver’s average salary. This small number gives you a driver’s Fantasy NASCAR Racing Value statistic.

For example,Danica Patrick earns 16.7 average finishing points (average finish position is 26.3) and her average salary is 16.75. Her value statistic comes out to be 0.997,which is well below the median (1.217). Matt Kenseth has a value of 1.246. Although he has had a good year,his Fantasy NASCAR Racing salary is too high. Kenseth is just a little above average in terms of value.

This statistical metric is effective in the new Fantasy NASCAR Racing leagues. They are a hybrid of Yahoo Fantasy NASCAR and NASCAR.com. Soon,all leagues will adopt this simple style. This all inclusive system employs driver salaries and bases points on finish alone. More importantly,the daily fantasy sports websites that use this system pay cash prizes to winners.Fantasy NASCAR Racing Formula

Top 15 Fantasy NASCAR Racing Value Rankings

9. Paul Menard – The Silver Spoon is anything but when it comes to Fantasy NASCAR racing. The Nard Dog has run in the top 15 consistently all year,and has not experienced a drastic salary increase.Although some fantasy NASCAR players believe Menard is overpriced,his 15.8 average finish is 9th best in NASCAR. Just take a second to stew on that. Paul Menard is the ninth best driver in NASCAR. He’s better than Gordon,Rowdy,Biffle,Hamlin,Smoke,and the list goes on. Oddly enough,Menard is 9th best in value,too.

8. Jeff Burton – The South Boston,Virginia native has been efficient for Richard Childress Racing this season. Not only does RCR have the 9th best value driver,but they have the 8th best fantasy NASCAR driver. None of that means anything to them,but to us,it’s pretty cool. Burton had been a 10th to 20th place driver with a 25th place driver’s cost all season.

Source: www.fantasysportsdojo.com

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